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2008 Archives


12-28-07 Know your history before New Year's.

12-27-07 Did you wage WAR this year?

12-26-07 Well, how DID he get his groove back?

12-21-07 I've gotta hang out with new people.

12-20-07 I seriously can't think of anything else looking at them.

12-19-07 Meetings Were Missed

12-18-07 Do not believe in people.

12-17-07 Happy Monday! Start your week with this video clip specially designed to make sense of the world.

12-14-07 Imagine if every business were as thought-provoking.

12-13-07 They aren't waiting for us to come to them anymore.

12-12-07 Lessons from hard work in childhood.

12-10-07 Apt analogies.

12-7-07 The DVD hard sells itself.

12-6-07 The Health Craze of the Last 30 Years

12-4-07 1,750,000 Google Results to Return This from Around the Internet

12-3-07 A Brief Analysis of Rambo

11-30-07 It's JUST like it!

11-29-07 Vegan cooking! Woohahahaha!

11-28-07 Updating a Classic

11-27-07 I'd like it not to be a true story. Honestly I wouldn't.

11-26-07 The same goes for FOB's, incidentally.

11-21-07 Sometimes a lack of reassuring words can be more reassuring.

11-20-07 Why we don't miss our little old hometowns.

11-19-07 Off to Philly.

11-16-07 You Too Can Be a Monster!

11-15-07 It's a dog eat dog world in the world of carrots.

11-14-07 They Don't Teach This in Your Sissy Schools

11-13-07 Don't choke.

11-12-07 Our actual conversations shouldn't be printed.

11-9-07 Effexor!

11-8-07 Diglettshipping

11-7-07 Poor bastard.

11-6-07 Happy voting day, you hopelessly uninformed electoral body you.

11-5-07 A time for introspection.

11-2-07 Halloween Week! The lost stories!

11-1-07 Halloween Week! It's still scary!

10-31-07 Halloween Day! Despair!

10-30-07 Halloween Week! Try to sleep knowing this is under your bed!

10-29-07 Halloween Week! Scaaaaary messages!

10-26-07 Tell me they're not the same.

10-25-07 Well, they're everywhere, how am I to know if they don't exist somewhere.

10-24-07 Well, I've never seen them in the same picture.

10-23-07 His herald evokes specific wisdom.

10-22-07 Well, I can't judge, it looks a lot like my cat's birthday.

10-18-07 Our favorite aspect of the Saw movies.

10-17-07 Yet another classic for the campaign.

10-16-07 I can't wait until my bank breaks off from the rest of the country.

10-15-07 The things we aspire to certainly do vary based on how much we have.

10-11-07 Well, the flood of responses was uncanny.

10-10-07 Their ads do seem a tad desperate.

10-9-07 The legion of geeks has kind of gone mad with devotion.

10-8-07 Mine may not agree with yours.

10-5-07 The ones she chooses to use is a different matter.

10-4-07 Another season of America's Next Top Model is upon us.

10-3-07 The beast approaches.

10-2-07 Calm the f#@k down, America.

10-1-07 Our Latest Trip to the Guggenheim

9-28-07 I should've heeded the warnings.

9-27-07 Honestly, who wishes for that.

9-26-07 Do young people just not know history anymore when they shop?

9-25-07 Is self-awareness for all races?

9-24-07 The concept of investing evolves for us all.

9-17-07 Truth in job interviews.

9-14-07 We love the DirecTV ad campaign!

9-13-07 Thinking up universal baby names.

9-12-07 Another actual conversation that probably best ended in silence.

9-10-07 Acceptable breakup card.

9-7-07 So what do we do now, sir? We die.

9-6-07 The most dead serious ad campaign in history.

9-5-07 It's the new secret society.

9-4-07 Presents are all about the giver.

8-31-07 South Wars.

8-30-07 Now everyone can be violated!

8-29-07 Well, not yet, but soon at this rate.

8-28-07 Wouldn't be the first time.

8-27-07 Don't shut your eyes, kid.

8-24-07 Happy Friday. Don't Read This

8-23-07 Special Edition DVD's are for having.

8-22-07 Into the Mouth of Madness' Sequel: Trapped in the Closet Chapters 13-22

8-21-07 Actual code comments I've had to unravel.

8-20-07 Happiness is choosing your own level of self-awareness.

8-17-07 Jihad the Musical

8-16-07 This brand of water makes us unreasonably happy.

8-15-07 These signs make us unreasonably happy.

8-14-07 Honestly, why.

8-13-07 Hollywood loves to portray geeks. They don't think anyone's heard of a geek though.

8-10-07 This is worse than people looking like their pets.

8-9-07 The city done gone and broke.

8-8-07 Our life skills can be kinda specific.

8-7-07 Another relationship destroyed.

8-6-07 Makes classifying things easy.

8-3-07 Like David Copperfield? And embracing Lucifer?

8-2-07 This lifestyle takes commitment.

8-1-07 The meaning of back to school season changes as you get older.

7-31-07 I like to save my smiles for a rainy day.

7-30-07 There's no connection between technology and anything unhealthy.

7-27-07 It's true, and each of our car priorities are that important to us.

7-26-07 Wanna look for a number that's ACTUALLY everywhere?

7-25-07 She's been relentless lately.

7-24-07 Don't try it with the Treo. Unless you don't mind the occasional hating-you happening.

7-23-07 It's about all you can do with it right now.

7-20-07 Words are powerful these days.

7-19-07 The world hates legal tender.

7-18-07 The bite is worse with small companies.

7-17-07 We Love This Dude

7-16-07 Seemed like a good idea at the time I'm sure.

7-13-07 Note: Still better than Verizon.

7-12-07 Careful where you step.

7-11-07 Ew.

7-10-07 Your thoughts have their own priorities.

7-9-07 Your philosophy can change in a decade.

7-6-07 You should see how they celebrate the Easter Bunny.

7-5-07 Yeah it's not bad.

7-3-07 Question not its browsing powers.

7-2-07 July 4th Week Safety: A Course on 911

6-29-07 A Hero We Can Relate To

6-28-07 Versus: Who Is Scarier?

6-27-07 SkyNet would think a bit differently than Hollywood dreamed.

6-26-07 Dubious praise.

6-25-07 Start Your Week Off Right!

6-22-07 A Brief Study of the Silver Surfer: A Wikipedia Book Report

6-21-07 It took a lot of work, but it's been captured.

6-20-07 The two vocations are anciently linked.

6-19-07 Warning! Contains FOOD!

6-18-07 We found the part that works!

6-15-07 What if God was one of us. And wanted to be a vampire.

6-14-07 Featured Artist of the Year

6-12-07 It grants the power of invisibility to a select random smattering.

6-11-07 Exposing who you are.

6-8-07 It's true, the shaking and sweating comes with it.

6-7-07 Subtlety is the new lost art.

6-6-07 Don't refect too much. It can do this.

6-5-07 Judgmental little suckers.

6-4-07 View your future's end.

6-1-07 Not that I actually should enjoy it.

5-31-07 Sadness isn't just for colon open parentheses anymore.

5-30-07 The program seems to be working.

5-29-07 Your Date This Memorial Day

5-25-07 This Memorial Day, obey.

5-24-07 It's awesome that we have sucky lives.

5-23-07 We Were Car Shopping. Then We Saw This. Now We're Done Car Shopping.

5-22-07 Yes. Madness.

5-21-07 We're back!

5-11-07 Sigh. Another true story.

5-10-07 It's why it won't work for you.

5-9-07 This psychology WILL backfire.

5-8-07 We lurk. Choose your words carefully.

5-7-07 It's the important part of the movie.

5-4-07 Well, she IS a drama queen actor type.

5-3-07 How to beat the system!

5-2-07 We actually do react this way to such wonders of the world.

5-1-07 Not that we've thought of it.

4-30-07 Ironic friendliness.

4-24-07 Ambien.

4-21-07 I've been on both sides of this conversation.

4-20-07 How do they not realize they're doing it?

4-19-07 Let's all try to calm down a bit.

4-18-07 Spring's holiday and a fitting mascot for this weather.

4-17-07 Actual American headlines throughout the day.

4-16-07 Everyone thinks we died Sunday. Honest.

4-13-07 Book Report: All Kinds of Buy This.

4-12-07 Kids engineer the cutest names.

4-11-07 It's who you go to for help.

4-10-07 Everyone loves their kids the most.

4-9-07 Try it! You'll want them to die too!

4-6-07 Happy Easter Everyone. Anyway, Here's The Nun Review

4-5-07 They say the darndest things!

4-4-07 This actually happened. Ha ha.

4-3-07 Y'ever met this guy? We just did. Asshole.

4-2-07 Well, when did shymess ever get your driveway unblocked?

3-23-07 I'd be bitter too if people around me were like that.

3-22-07 Well where else did they come from.

3-21-07 You know her, you've met her.

3-20-07 Actual super powers!

3-19-07 An actual conversation had with Mama-San.

3-16-07 Maybe they're just making a point.

3-15-07 Plan B is to hope our kids aren't like ourselves.

3-14-07 No need to remind you this takes place at a tech company, you know the drill.

3-13-07 SMURFAS!

3-12-07 SPARTA!

3-9-07 It's where the fun starts!

3-8-07 Actual conversations with several doctors.

3-7-07 This Whole F*#&@'ing Charlie the Unicorn Thing

3-6-07 It's an IP Phone thing, the only conversation you'll ever have on one.

3-5-07 Beware the giving of secrets to people with terminals.

3-2-07 Let's not go overboard on this.

3-1-07 Taken from my actual dream last night.

2-28-07 Would anyone dispute this is the case?

2-27-07 They're actually calling it this, at least in NYC.

2-26-07 Ever been to Comic Con? This is where these anime stories come from.

2-23-07 Been a while since the days you could just assure kids that everybody poops.

2-22-07 The personality that does this is a lot less threatening than old horror movies would suggest.

2-21-07 Every great product needs a sequel.

2-20-07 Well, which better benchmark do we have?

2-16-07 Ghost Rider's got it as tough as that poor Superman guy.

2-15-07 This must be the reason. I'm convinced.

2-14-07 The true purpose behind this day.

2-13-07 Who can make such crappy software? The candyman can.

2-12-07 It does happen every once in a while, try not to judge.

2-9-07 Even better than making a film out of a Disney ride.

2-8-07 Wow! Did you see that! I don't care anymore! It's amazing!

2-7-07 I will always use UPS or FedEx because I'm for freedom.

2-6-07 Ever listen, truly LISTEN to them?

2-5-07 An ancient question.

2-2-07 Webisoding is a tad out of hand.

2-1-07 Scientists have a lot of training in which things they should never see.

1-31-07 It's a one-to-one ratio among violence and players.

1-30-07 It's fun not to buck the trend sometimes.

1-29-07 Gettin' all spiritual, yo.

1-26-07 The duality of peace hippie geeks.

1-25-07 Are you as good as the hobbies of your coworkers?

1-24-07 Testing a theory.

1-23-07 You've felt the fear, the uncomfortableness, the soullessness of it.

1-22-07 Irony's a serious business.

1-19-07 Well why ELSE would he take that form?

1-18-07 Why exactly DOES he take that form?

1-17-07 Secrets, Revealed!

1-16-07 Priorities are pens to last a lifetime.

1-15-07 Sensible planning.

1-12-07 Well, it's true.

1-11-07 Tech needs are different than other department needs.

1-10-07 Sometimes they love and hate with equal verve again.

1-09-07 They love and hate with equal verve.

1-08-07 Get rid of one problem, get a server farm.

1-05-07 He's a Disney creation, after all.

1-04-07 Who's a Sucker on MySpace Today?

1-03-07 We actually met this guy.

1-02-07 Happy New Year from the American Jesus!

12-26-06 Toasted Pixel eCards!

12-21-06 Learn something this holiday.

12-20-06 A Better Rocky Alternative

12-19-06 Save Darfur!

12-18-06 Free Tibet!

12-15-06 Eragon Game Review

12-14-06 This Whole Lazytown Thing

12-13-06 It's important to us. Don't ask us why.

12-12-06 It's an insidious place.

12-11-06 It's all we need to know, thank you.

12-08-06 It's a fine tradition, just right for tired folks.

12-07-06 Let's make our own ad, shall we?

12-06-06 Let's make this ad a little more realistic.

12-05-06 An Update on Things Left Behind

12-04-06 Don't be sad, or he'll come for your soul, kids!

12-01-06 Unspoken messages can be more powerful.

11-30-06 Hey baby, it's not you.

11-29-06 So good it's killer!

11-28-06 I guess he means it could've used improvement.

11-22-06 Happy Thanksgiving

11-20-06 Completely Matter-of-Fact, Objective Game Review: Left Behind: Eternal Forces Review

11-17-06 The truth hurts, doesn't it.

11-16-06 Not sure who the target employee is.

11-15-06 The TRUTH: Emo kids just want to be like that delightful Sonic the Hedgehog buddy.

11-14-06 They jail you for other false alarms, after all.

11-13-06 Honestly, why would you antagonize him?

11-10-06 Before you realize it, the joke's finished with you.

11-09-06 The Results Are In! We're F*ckers!

11-08-06 Let's keep our civic priorities straight.

11-07-06 Imagine the evil dark synth music pulsating in the background and sing-songy dark sarcastic voice.

11-06-06 The excuse works pretty well so far.

11-03-06 To be young and about to die from silliness again.

11-02-06 The best school of learning there is.

11-01-06 Dedicated to Halloween: Lame Villains in Costumes (Part II of II)

10-31-06 Dedicated to Halloween: Lame Villains in Costumes (Part I of II)

10-30-06 Halloween party 2006 approaches!

10-23-06 Despite the source, it's still something to consider.

10-20-06 The truth is right before you.

10-19-06 It's only a matter of time and technology.

10-18-06 They confessed. It's fair.

10-17-06 A new breed of hero is rising to protect all of us. ALL of us.

10-16-06 A new breed of hero is rising to protect those who hate dicks.

10-13-06 A new breed of people's heroes is rising and not getting reported to the police.

10-12-06 A new breed of heroes is rising.

10-11-06 Uncomfortableness is the new swanky.

10-10-06 It's the little things that give you faith.

10-09-06 We'd be Unix bots.

10-06-06 Well, at least he tried. For which he'll burn.

10-05-06 Starting to catch a pattern here.

10-04-06 Insurgent of the Empire (Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Preview)

10-03-06 Finally, a superhero show for red states.

10-02-06 I'm getting tired of this cult.

9-29-06 Reruns are trying to tell us something important.

9-28-06 It's an intelligence test of sorts.

9-27-06 Ok, this is by far the dumbest thing we've ever done.

9-26-06 Angry Simon on TV.

9-25-06 Angry Simon at the office.

9-22-06 Angry Simon at the ATM.

9-21-06 Things to consider as the new season of Toasters approaches.

9-20-06 Guest comic! By The Remonstrance.

9-19-06 Every office has one.

9-18-06 Hollywood rules!

9-15-06 The Latin Invasion plan.

9-14-06 A lot of modern web technology is purely ornamental.

9-13-06 The day we got jobs at the weather bureau.

9-12-06 The conclusion to ABC's The Path to 9/11

9-11-06 The Disrespect for 9/11 Awards!

9-08-06 Never underestimate a growing boy's anger at the suggestion he has peach fuzz facial hair.

9-07-06 People can be so touchy about names.

9-06-06 Ode to the most hated man that Hitler created to destroy all that lives.

9-05-06 Future taste of our own medicine.

9-01-06 Communicating priorities.

8-31-06 Of course, she'll understand.

8-30-06 She'd reply the same if she were talking to the President.

8-29-06 This is about JUSTICE. For MARKETABLE stories.

8-28-06 A true story of $5 million cookies.

8-25-06 Book Report 2006: The Most Awesome Kid-Oriented Book in the Free World (Part II of II)

8-24-06 Book Report 2006: The Most Awesome Kid-Oriented Book in the Free World (Part I of II)

8-23-06 This proves it. Video games lead to murder.

8-22-06 How to know you're talking to someone who's too hipster for his own good.

8-21-06 Even the smartest empires overlook the smallest details.

8-18-06 In Honor of Snakes on a Plane

8-17-06 In Honor of Pulse: The Film History of the Afterlife Residing in Appliances (Part II of II)

8-16-06 In Honor of Pulse: The Film History of the Afterlife Residing in Appliances (Part I of II)

8-15-06 You could say the victims were good to go. Permanently.

8-14-06 The Film History of People Who Get Beheaded But Their Bodies Still Want to Walk Around and Move For a While

8-11-06 Who could have foreseen such an ominous day?

8-10-06 Which boss would willing to violate so many laws? Let's see.

8-09-06 Desperate hours call for desperate pranks.

8-08-06 The traditional etiquette to screening calls.

8-07-06 Because they love people who stay home.

8-04-06 For mortals, it's even harder to get your boss to cooperate in this regard.

8-03-06 The compliment which hates you.

8-02-06 An abuse of power.

8-01-06 A long honored strategy in games.

7-31-06 Hey, it's that clever scifi show or movie, you know the one.

7-28-06 The Beauty of Snakes on a Plane

7-27-06 It's time to wake somebody up!

7-26-06 A conversation written in spam.

7-25-06 Within every question is the answer.

7-24-06 Taking the campaign to the next level.

7-21-06 A Primer on Comic Books

7-20-06 Spam is starting to gang up on us now. The subject lines create pure magic when they show up together.

7-19-06 Cross-population video games are the most successful.

7-18-06 Muslim World Dumbstruck by Osama Bin Laden Using an Obsenity While on Camera

7-17-06 Every office has that one kinda vain person who just comes off as a tad undead.

7-12-06 Drastic earth concerns call for drastic measures

7-11-06 Here's a more realistic advertisement for ya.

7-07-06 Some people want you dead. MTV wants you to WANT to die.

7-05-06 Questions to ask when you don't feel like living anymore.

7-04-06 Celebrating July 4th Week

7-03-06 Good friends and family reveal their true selves to each other.

6-30-06 Scientology Orientation Video!

6-29-06 A super sermon that recites any story about him.

6-28-06 The only logical explanation of its origin.

6-27-06 Mama-san revisited.

6-26-06 It's question and answer time with Mama-san.

6-23-06 Cute little suckers, aren't those Ewoks? Cute enough to DIE for.

6-22-06 There are worse abuses of technology than this.

6-21-06 There is more in heaven and earth than is thought up in your science and philosophy.

6-20-06 Some people just can't commit to an instant message. It's not a victimless crime.

6-19-06 Movies That Will Make You Say, "Well, Battlefield Earth Wasn't THAT Bad." BloodRayne Clip Review

6-16-06 America's documentary filmmakers take to the streets.

6-15-06 Wisdom in Her Own Words

6-14-06 It's the little signs of trouble.

6-13-06 It's so rude to say, "You've got something on your face."

6-12-06 The martial art to bring peace and harmony to anyone's existence.

6-09-06 You may be more suggestible than you think.

6-08-06 Would you fulfill his simple request?

6-07-06 For those of you too young to remember a time before widespread Internet, it was just like this.

6-06-06 Oooooo! The abbreviation of today's date as it would appear on invoice forms is eeeeevil!

6-05-06 The core needs you.

6-02-06 A random story of two souls.

6-01-06 The only winning move is not to play.

5-31-06 Happy Memorial Day (Part II of II)

5-30-06 Happy Memorial Day (Part I of II)

5-26-06 Nice guys in life are as considerate in death.

5-25-06 LORDI

5-24-06 Inspirational Spams, Taken from Actual Spams

5-23-06 I think I actually saw this commercial the other day.

5-22-06 I wonder if this is plausible in any language.

5-19-06 Blowing the doors off another very important conspiracy.

5-18-06 Another sad but true conversation from college.

5-17-06 Some people never left their high school hometowns. Others never left it in their BRAINS.

5-16-06 It's true about Netflix. Just ask anyone. Well, any guy.

5-15-06 It's one of the more upsetting things that can happen to a guy.

5-12-06 Alternative Emoticons

5-11-06 Angry drunks like to name things. Eh.

5-10-06 Their Best Work Besides Law & Order (Part II of II)

5-09-06 Their Best Work Besides Law & Order (Part I of II)

5-08-06 If you lived that long, you'd eventually get into show business too.

5-05-06 Eh, there are worse things to make a stand over.

5-04-06 If they're watching, we hope they actually do make this someday.

5-03-06 DVD's are for having, cable is for watching.

5-02-06 The Ladies Man Movie: Ghoulies Review

5-1-06 How DID people get by when they had to interact?

4-28-06 Spam! It's people! It's made of people!

4-27-06 The Balance of Kirk Cameron's Insanity

4-26-06 I'm sure it's a heartfelt sentiment, though.

4-25-06 I love movies that let you reminisce.

4-24-06 I'd actually welcome that solution in many ways.

4-21-06 The @#%*'ing Mammoth. SCI FI Channel's Mammoth Review

4-20-06 Every wave of immigrants hates the next in Silent Hill.

4-19-06 The dangers of not working.

4-18-06 The next big thing could be right around the corner.

4-17-06 It's a good thing Easter only celebrates His death. It could've been an embarrassing music fest otherwise.

4-14-06 Can't wait to see how they do their Easter Egg hunt.

4-13-06 Celebrate Passover in your own way, even if it's horrendous.

4-12-06 It's so simple, no one could crack that password.

4-10-06 We've redesigned our site!

4-07-06 Fond, formal, required attending corporate farewell meetings.

4-06-06 Why the first Cylon war began.

4-05-06 The Film History of People Who Get Dismembered So Fast They Don't Realize It and Then Look Surprised When They Start Falling Apart (Part II of II)

4-04-06 The Film History of People Who Get Dismembered So Fast They Don't Realize It and Then Look Surprised When They Start Falling Apart (Part I of II)

4-03-06 Does it suck more to live or to die in a bigot's household?

3-31-06 The living aren't the only ones with hang-ups.

3-30-06 It's Zombies for Jesus!

3-29-06 The Mental Development of Dead People (Day III of III)

3-28-06 The Mental Development of Dead People (Day II of III)

3-27-06 The Mental Development of Dead People (Day I of III)

3-24-06 Movies that Make No Sense. Period. Ghost Game Review

3-23-06 He certainly would be more powerful than the real thing.

3-22-06 Moviefone for your immortal soul.

3-21-06 The Only Good Video Game Movie: Cloak & Dagger Review

3-20-06 Even if we didn't know someone like this, you do.

3-17-06 Another true story that would probably be better if it weren't true.

3-16-06 The fact that this conversation never gets old is proof that it's addictive.

3-15-06 Giving Harry Potter spoilers for books that I haven't read or that haven't been written yet.

3-14-06 Ah, the truth. I wonder if they teach this in business school.

3-13-06 Onimusha 4: Insane Japanese Business Model.

3-10-06 I just saw an episode of this silly show.


3-08-06 You've gotta move fast to keep up with the unpleasant people.

3-07-06 Oh, how easily the machines could've defeated us.

3-06-06 Everyone takes something different away on Oscar night.

3-03-06 It's about time someone made a site for this population. It may as well be us.

3-02-06 Which is harder to do?

3-01-06 Can we truly learn to respect one another?

2-28-06 How to spot one kind of them, anyway.

2-27-06 It's time we put a stop to this practice among teens.

2-24-06 No Spoilers: A Play by the Pet Pals Players

2-23-06 The difference between a sweatshop and a company is often a dot.

2-22-06 Report: Annual Galactic Tax Return

2-21-06 If they're this logical now, imagine how well they work with other humans.

2-20-06 Eventually, you start to recognize the language in everyday speech.

2-17-06 Historically, I guess we're one or the other.

2-16-06 It's how we Asians tan day-by-day.

2-15-06 The Most Famous Name In Gaming

2-14-06 Cats truly are better than Nyquil.

2-13-06 I am Kris' smirking revenge.

2-10-06 NSFW: The Motion Picture. DVD Review of Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain.

2-09-06 If games truly reflected the experience.

2-08-06 Films That Had Better Be More Creative Than Their Names: Werewolf Review

2-07-06 It's the new set of pretenses for the modern world.

2-06-06 Stories from the bowels of Best Buy.

2-03-06 The Only Good Video Gaming Show

2-02-06 When can you tell it's time to bail?

2-01-06 Behold the analgesic power of pub.

1-31-06 How Does Scientology Measure Up? (Part II of II)

1-30-06 How Does Scientology Measure Up? (Part I of II)

1-30-06 How Does Scientology Measure Up? (Part I of II)

1-27-06 As it was, as it is, as it shall be, your gaming heroes just need to walk around until they find the right path to the power-up

1-25-06 It explains many mysteries.

1-24-06 I hate it when movies beat around the bush.

1-23-06 I prefer to think of it as tough love.

1-20-06 There's a whole world out there begging for you to join, if you only open your eyes to see.

1-19-06 Are You S#!*%'ing Me? Video Game Preview: LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces Page 2

1-18-06 Are You S#!*%'ing Me? Video Game Preview: LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces Page 1

1-17-06 Simon's Jury Duty Blog, Part III of III

1-16-06 Simon's Jury Duty Blog, Part II of III

1-13-06 Simon's Jury Duty Blog, Part I of III

1-12-06 Scifi Cable Guide, Part IV: A Primer on Lost

1-11-06 Techies sometimes take the path less thought.

1-10-06 We're also interested in researching robots.

1-09-06 Celebrity Massacre: Career-Murdering Movies; BloodRayne Film Review

1-06-06 Scifi Cable Guide, Part III: A Primer on Battlestar Galactica

1-05-06 Scifi Cable Guide, Part II: A Primer on StarGate Atlantis

1-04-06 Scifi Cable Guide, Part I: A Primer on StarGate SG-1

1-03-06 Got some time on your hands?

1-02-06 A Look Back, A Look Ahead

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